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About Us

Our Story

Ianys (Lance) is an independent multi-dwelling brand under the Japanese Sanhua Cosmeceutical Group (hereinafter referred to as Sanhua), focusing on the additive-free formula system of Japanese quasi-drugs. Globally select high-quality, low-sensitivity, high-efficiency, safe, and environmentally-friendly raw materials, and pass the strict audit and certification of Japanese third-party monitoring agencies. And the production process conforms to the relevant international regulations, no added: artificial flavors, artificial colors, no use: petroleum ingredients, heavy metals, no use: animal experiments and no use of radiation sterilization. Guarantee the purity, effectiveness and safety of the product.
Adhering to Sanhua’s century-old cosmeceutical foundation, modern scientific research and international production experience, it provides Ianys with more competitive and high-quality products, and at the same time presents a pure “no additive skin care product from Japan” to the majority of female users.

Ianys(ランズ)は日本三药化粧グループ(以下、三花)傘下の多栖類独立ブランドで、日本医薬部外品の無添加処方体系に専念している。 良質、低感度、高効率、安全、環境に配慮した原料成分を世界的に選考し、日本の第三者監視機構の厳格な審査と認証を受けた。 また、製造過程は関連する国際規定に適合しており、人工香料、人工色素を添加せず、使用しない:石油成分、重金属、使用しない:動物実験及び放射線殺菌を利用しない。 製品の純粋、有効、安全を保証する。

We are driven by values

Global survey data show that skin problems (spots, allergies, acne, dryness, wrinkles) are on the rise due to external stimuli, improper skin care methods, makeup residue, unhealthy living habits and other reasons. Japan Sanhua Cosmeceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Japan Sanhua) has formulated the basic scientific research concept of “taking environmental protection and safety as the original intention of research and development, and taking simplicity and effectiveness as the principle” as the purpose of research and development in response to this problem. And convened a number of Senior R&D scholars from Japan’s former top cosmetics laboratory, as well as outstanding talents in the fields of dermatology and biology. Relying on the blessing of the four major technologies of Japan’s Sanhua, continue to explore and deeply study the causes and texture of problem skin, and develop innovative problems Skin relief solutions. Efficiency solutions. Thus was born Ianys, a skincare brand that takes troubled skin seriously.世界的な調査データによると、肌は外部からの刺激、不適切なスキンケア方式、メーキャップ製品の残留、不健康な生活習慣……問題性肌(斑、敏、痘、乾、皺))の傾向が高まっている。 日本三药化粧株式会社(以下、日本三花)は、この問題に対して、「環境保護と安全を研究開発の初心とし、簡単と有効を研究開発の目的とする」という基礎科学研究理念を制定した。 そして、の元研究開発学者や皮膚学科、生物学科などの優秀な人材を多く集め、日本三花の四大技術に基づいて加担し、絶えず探求し、問題肌の原因と肌理を深く研究し、問題肌に対する革新的なマイナス・プラグインソリューションを開発する。 こうして生まれたのがIanysで、トラブル肌にしっかり対応するスキンケアブランドです。


The brand’s philosophy is: “SHAPE YOUR BEAUTY MORE NATURAL”,to let everyone yearn for happiness and a better life


”川奈之汀“is named after the craftsman spirit of Japanese culture, which means honor and the best dedication