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From Japan’s top skin care laboratory Use the highest quality natural ingredients – high-quality skin feel, non-irritating, safe, special care for sensitive skin;

4 Top Skincare Technologies

Stem Cell Regeneration Technology(幹細胞培養テクノロジー)、Skin Multilayer Technology(肌の多層技術)、
Nanocapsule Technology(ナノマイクロカプセル技術)、3D emulsification technology(3D乳化技術)

All natural and best curated formula

Strict ingredients, solve problem skin, sensitive, whitening, anti-aging, anti-acne, firming, enlarged pores, blackheads, oily, dry; 95% of Asian users said it is effective; non-irritating and safe;

厳格な成分、問題のある肌を解決、敏感、美白、アンチエイジング、抗ニキビ、引き締め、毛穴の拡大、黒ずみ、オイリー、乾燥;アジアのユーザーの 95% が効果的だと答えています。刺激がなく安全です。

GMPC Production Certification

Obtained the most stringent production certification (GMPC) in Europe and the United States, and filed in many countries (Japan, South Korea, China, Southeast Asia);


Sturgeon Roe Essence Marine Series

Specially add Japanese sturgeon caviar extract to moisturize effectively and increase skin elasticity

1.Rich hydrating Rich in carbohydrates Continuously replenish skin moisture

2.Nourish the shine bright Accelerate cuticle metabolism Brighten skin tone

3.Play firmingPromotes collagen synthesis Protection from oxidative damage

Porcelain Skin Brightening seri

Whitening compound technology
Effectively accelerates the metabolism of melanin and solves dull/spotty skin
Eliminates yellowing and brightens, nourishes and brightens
Anti-ultraviolet, multi-dimensional anti-aging, anti-allergic activity, soothing skin, can also promote fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis
Inhibit melanin production, uniform and translucent, whiten and lighten spots

Collagen series

“5 kinds of alcohol peptide ingredients can effectively replenish skin protein, restore skin elasticity, promote cell metabolism, and then enhance the natural healing power of the skin itself and the skin’s water-locking functions

This anti-aging collagen face cream is ideal for sensitive skin, dry skin, fine lines, and peeling skin
This cream contains a variety of peptide extracts, rich in collagen
Soothes skin whitens and removes freckles
Niacinamide prevents skin aging, brightens and whitens the skin
Rich in collagen protein ingredients, it firm skin, moisturize and brighten skin”

Cosmeceutical beauty salon – sensitive skin, acne, redness, problem skin Series

Add Japanese hot spring water and a variety of plant essence ingredients,
Treats acne, cares for the skin barrier, soothes sensitive skin
Multiple plant extracts deeply moisturize the skin
Improve dry and delicate skin texture, moisturize and nourish,
Make the skin smooth and transparent, and make the skin delicate and
Long-term use can improve skin sensitivity.

Added Sakura blossoms in Hokkaido, Japan
Contains Sakura blossom essence to nourish the skin and replenish skin moisturizing essence
Protects the skin barrier and improves skin hydration
Makes the skin moist and shiny Cherry blossoms soften and brighten the skin
Soothes rough skin, leaving skin soft and translucent
Increases skin radiance and moisture for a natural glow

Safe, reliable and effective is our mission

With more than 20 years of experience in beauty and skin care in Japan, with More than 20 years of beauty research and clinical work and skin care, acne, sensitive skin, damaged skin screen, anti-aging, freckles, acne, red skin.
Professional beauticians will recommend skin care products suitable for your skin problems